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Famous Chinese Songs You Cannot Miss Out On In 2021

China’s music industry is fast expanding into a flourishing industry. As music industry officials worldwide recognize the market’s enormous potential, China is on its way to becoming one of the trendiest countries in the music industry. The majority of songs produced often convey a strong message to their listeners, which is usually inspiring and motivational while listening to. We’ve compiled a list of songs from the year 2021 that we think you should check out.

Loneliness- G.E.M.

Gloria Tang, popularly known by her stage as G.E.M., has always had a successful career in the music industry. The rush and liveliness of the colorful world are described in her song “Loneliness.” During the pandemic, she composed the song. The song is an emotional narrative about her loneliness while she was away from her family in Shanghai. In today’s world, this song is excellent for describing everyone’s inner feelings.

Seek For – Yisa Yu

Seek For - Yisa Yu

A song about an unforgettable love that also relates to the brutal realities of life that we are unaware of. To pursue a desire or to live a normal and steady life. This music encourages you to confront your inner fears. A fantastic eye-opener song that sends the idea that even if we don’t achieve our goals, we have discovered ourselves in a better way in the process, which is more important.

The Long Ballad- MV

A soothing song that can be described as a song about destiny and missing a person: if you are destined to be together, you will be together no matter what obstacles arise. Missing someone always brings a sense of sweetness to life. You always look forward to seeing each other, which makes you sad. You feel indirectly connected to the individual during the entire process of missing them. The song was also used as the theme song for a popular Chinese T.V. show, and it wonderfully captures the tale of the characters in the show. If you’re missing someone, you’ll be able to relate to this song well.

All The Lovers- Rene

Rene’s melodies often leave people with a feeling of inner peace. This song is devoted to everybody who loves someone person. It encompasses all types of love, not only romantic love. While listening to this song, you will find yourself swaying to the beat and feeling the joy all around you. The song sends a powerful message: regardless of how old you are, you can’t stop your pure and cheerful hearts from loving one another.

All The Lovers- Rene

How Are You (Ni Hao Ma Pinyin)- Arrow Wei

This lovely and soothing song is about long-lost love or memories of a loved one. The song frequently asks, “How are you?” as if they are constantly concerned about their loved one’s well-being. Everything reminds you of them, no matter where you are or what you see, prompting you to ask, “How are you?” This song can take you back to the good days spent with your loved one.

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