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Top 10 Popular Chinese Songs 2021

Chinese music has an eclectic ring to it. if you are confused about making a playlist of hit songs in 2021, we have done it for you. The list was made after comparing the results of KKBOX, UFO Mandarin Chart, YinYueTai, and personal choice. Hope you like it!

1. Because of you by Mayday

The song was released in December and it is seen as a Christmas gift to all Mayday fans. The soulful lyrics and simple arrangement of musical notes in the rhythm make it soothing to listen to.

2. Your name engraved herein by Crowd Lu

It is a song for people who have broken up with their beaus. It is a song about a lover who has been left alone to face life on his own. Still, he cannot forget about his lover and longs for their reunion.

Chinese Songs

3. Mutual pain by Andrew Tan

Andrew is a Malaysian Mand-pop singer. His song Mutual pain is about two lovers who are emotionally broken longing for each other’s love, but they are facing the world with a strong face.

4. After leaving you by Eric Chou

The song is officially associated with the Chinese movie My Love. My Love is adapted from a romantic Korean movie by the name ‘On your wedding day. It is a ballad sung for the lover.

5. Fei Niao He Chan from Ren Ran

Eric Chou

Ren Ran, the Kong Kong Ru Ye fame has come in the limelight for another smashing hit song which is rocking the countries where mandarin is mainly spoken such as mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

6. Where I Lost Us by Accusefive

Another gem on the list of famous songs of 2021 is Where I lost you by Accusefive. The popular Taiwanese band’s latest song is based on a lover’s plight on being sidelined by his partner. But he doesn’t lose hope.

7. Miss you 3000 by 831

The latest song on the Taiwanese band is all about a man’s emotions when he misses the dearest person of his life. The song has been marked as 3rd in the Chinese chartbusters ranking. The touching music video has garnered 23 million views worldwide on YouTube.

Miss you 3000 by 831

8. Your Answer by A Rong

The new song from A Rong is really inspiring. The notes of the song have been strung along. People who are going down a rough patch in their lives must listen. It is motivating and instils people with hope and optimism.

9. Love me True by Power Station

Power Station is a popular rock band from Taiwan. Their new song is energetic and has some quirky notes from the guitar. The video was viewed by 3 million people within 2 months of its release.

Weibird Wei

10. Just Stay With Me by Weibird Wei

William Wei is a musical prodigy of the Taiwanese music industry. His lyrics and singing are terrific. The romantic melody is soft and appealing to the ears. It has been adopted in the drama ‘Tears on fire’.

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