Matzka, who plays reggae and has been impressing audiences with his candid and humorous lyrics, has further explored his musical vision through his collaboration with various musicians on the Special Key EP. In the song ‘‘Guan Yu Ta’’, he combines hip-hop rap, rock, soul and Latin music to create the collaborative energy of 1+1 >2. It's also a glimpse into how the "Uncle Reggae" Matzka keeps himself hidden, whether as a motivational rock brother with Mr.WooHoo, a Latin music-playing man with Tia Yuan Yawei, or a hip-hop rapping mentor with Jony J.

‘Guan Yu Ta’’ is a casual and spontaneous hip-hop rap. It tells the other side of bro's everyday life. Jagermeister’s wild-like bright smell is an excellent party spice! As an elder in the fatherhood, Matzka uses music to give Jony J the survival rules for beginners. Using hip-hop raps, the two men engage in a playful fraternal dialogue that provides a respite from the inhumane sufferings of the new age of men. In the face of his beloved girl, is it better to be a big man or a little man? It is interesting to read between the lines.

You can listen to "Guan Yu Ta" on China Hits Channel.
- Cassie ZHANG