Famous DJ Khaled and Canadian Rapper Drake collaborated on their new single ‘‘POPSTAR’’ that was released on July 17. The song appeared on Khaled’s 12th studio album ,and unveiled its title as ‘Khaled Khaled’.  ‘‘POPSTAR’’ mainly talks about being a pop star. Drake raps with typical braggadocio on the chorus, ‘‘I’m a popstar, not a doctor.’’ The song solves the song of summer crisis, whilst satisfying the expectation of their fans. 

Rapper Drake posted a photo of himself and Khaled on Instagram hours before the song released and captioned, ‘‘Open for business, serving all summer.’’ 

Ozan Yildirim, the producer of the track said ‘‘POPSTAR’’ is a hard club record. When asking him if ‘‘POPSTAR’’ could be his fourth No.1 to top the Billboard Hot 100, he stated, ‘‘It could definitely go to the No. 1 spot. If people could go to concerts right now, this would be a crazy record to hear live.’’  Now you can listen to this song on our Hot 100 channel. 
- Cassie ZHANG