By Sunny SUN

End of the World has teamed up with British singer Gabrielle Aplin and Dutch DJ R3HAB to release a new English single “Over (R3HAB Remix)”. It is an electric song with a slow rhythm, accompanied by the clear and youthful voice of the lead singer and the whole song creates a psychedelic, relaxed atmosphere.

End of the World is the International project by the well-known Japanese band SEKAI NO OWARI. This J-pop group has four members, including lead singer Fukase, guitarist Nakajin, keyboard player Saori and DJ LOVE in a clown mask. The band formed in 2007 and were known as SEKI NO OWARI in their home country. Fukase said the band’s name means the end of the world which is concerned with his own experience with depression, “When I was 19, I touched the bottom in my life. I felt like my world was ending.
Now the group's overseas activities are under the name "End of the World". This J-Pop group has many representative works, such as “Dragon Night”, “ANTI-HERO”. And their song “Lost”, featuring Clean Bandit has been streamed more than 25 million times worldwide.

Listen to their new single “Over (R3HAB Remix)” on our Club channel!