By Sunny SUN & Cassie ZHANG

The team behind Glastonbury’s Shangri-La will deliver Lost Horizon (July 3&4), the world’s largest music and art festival in virtual reality in cooperation with VRJAM and Sansar. 

The festival will set up four stages, including Gas Tower and SHITV, which are familiar to the Shangri-La’s audiences. It features a gorgeous line-up including 50+ music arts, 100+ artists, and over 200 artworks.
Carl Cox, Peggy Gou, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, and ANNA are set up to perform. It also invites rising DJs to play for this virtual music shows, including Jaguar, ABSOLUTE., 24 Hour Garage Girls, and Patriboi69. 

“A globally recognized DJ line-up of this sublime magnitude couldn't exist in the real world at the moment... so the fact that it is in VR is, in effect, making something that is impossible, possible,” said the team behind Shangri-La.

The team behind Shangri-La also stated that people around the world can experience this live stream of this VR show via Beatport, Twitch, and via partner and artist Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch accounts.

To enhance realism, the audience can use their ‘avatars’ to communicate, interact and dance with other festival-goers as if they are on the scene, “Audience can experience the vibe and carry some amazing memories away from it without having to leave their sofas,” according to the team behind Shangri-La.

Lost Horizon can be seen as a response Shangri-La team gives to the global pandemic after this year’s Glastonbury was canceled. The festival also raises funds for two charities, The Big Issue and Amnesty International.

Kaye Dunnings, Lost Horizon, and Shangri-La creative director said, “We need unity more than ever right now, in an industry that is falling away in front of us.” She also said that it is a way to define the next generation of live entertainment and creative communities by providing a digital platform to experience art and music in this new way.

China has also launched several online music shows during the coronavirus outbreak. Tiktok launched “Doulive Sofa Concert” and its cumulative playback amount reaches 1. 600 million times.
Mayday held their online concerts “Live in the sky”, attracting more than 35 million audiences, which broke the record for the largest number of simultaneous viewers for their concert.

‘‘Compared with traditional modes of music festivals, the main advantage of a VR festival is accessibility,’’ according to the team behind Shangri-La.

The Shangri-La team stated that they are very excited that Chinese music fans can experience the Shangri-La vibe this time. VR has tackled the problem of distance between two countries, allowing all Chinese music fans to meet some artists that they may not have had the chance to see otherwise.