American singer Beyoncé issued her latest single “Black Parade” on June 19 this year to commemorate the Emanpancition Day for blackness.

On this day in 1865, President Lincoln issued The Emancipation Proclamation, which officially abolished slavery. The tradition of celebration on June 19 originated in Beyoncé's home state of Texas but this year’s celebration was cancelled due to the global epidemic. To celebrate this festival,  Beyoncé released this song without warning, which surprised and delighted her fans.

She sings at the beginning “I am back to the South” to express her identification with black ancestry and it symbolizes that she regards the South as her root. She also records mistreatment and resistance of Black Americans.

Recently, the ongoing Geroge Floyd protests in the United States are in full swing. Music is a way for Beyoncé to participate in the protest. According to her song, ‘‘Rubber bullets bouncing' off me’’ represents her dissatisfaction with police brutality against black people. “I’m for us, all black” shows her determination to stand by her fellow blacks.

Beyoncé said that the proceeds of this song will benefit BeyGOOD’s Black Business Impact Fund and will also assist black-owned small businesses in need.

She also promoted the song on her social platform and wrote, ‘‘Even if we are still fighting, we can continue to share joy and celebrate each other’s existence, and still remember your beauty and power.’’

The song has been added to Billboard Radio China’s Hot 100 Station.
By Sunny SUN & Cassie ZHANG