As a pop rock band, One Promise has successfully made a breakthrough by attempting a love song. They were in charge of not only the composition, but also the musical arrangement, proving their talent and versatility of different musical styles.

‘Lonely Monster’ is a song about the loneliness of a man without the loved one being with him. Starting off with a simple melody with a piano, this song quickly immerses the audience in the loss of loneliness. Along with a 10-people string orchestra and an emotional singing voice, this love song perfectly presents to you the monologue of a lonely man. This heartfelt piece of work also shows that no matter how time passes, and how the band has come a long way from the earlier incarnation of the group Empty, One Promise still holds on to the passion for music and sincerity in music making.
- Matt Wong

You can hear "Lonely Monster" on Asia Hits channel.