German electro-pop titans Kraftwerk - Ralf Hütter, Henning Schmitz, Fritz Hilpert, Falk Grieffenhagen has brought Hong Kong another brilliant performance in their renowned 3-D Show on 29 April Star Hall, KITEC. 

The 2-hour performance fuses music with art, not to mention a tailored visual for every city the Kraftwerk has visited. In last night’s performance, the group merged visuals of Hong Kong skyline with futuristic animations including a UFO flying over the city – all presented in 3-D to give audiences an enhanced concert experience.


Photo Credit: Live Nation HK / Kennevia Photography



  1. Numbers
  2. Computer World
  3. Home Computer
  4. Computer Love
  5. The Man-Machine
  6. Spacelab
  7. The Mode
  8. Metropolis
  9. Autobahn
  10. Radioactivity
  11. Electric Café
  12. Tour de France
  13. Tour de France (Extended Version)
  14. Trans-Europe Express
  15. The Robot
  16. Aéro Dynamik
  17. Pocket Calculator / Dentake
  18. Planet of Visions
  19. Boing Boom Tschak - Music Non Stop