This January, Billboard Radio and LOL International Ltd. joined together on a journey of EDM cosmos with a mission to connect audiences and artists. They traveled across Asia with the world’s top DJ’s and the continent’s very own talent for the highly anticipated "World Club Tour." (WCT)

The tour kicked off from Shenzhen and Foshan's M2 Club on January with DJ FLAREMODE and  D'ANGELLO & FRANCIS. Then WCT traveled to China's H.G.C Club in WUXI with DJ FLAREMODE, D'ANGELLO & FRANCIS and  CASPER YU on January 12th.

This April, WCT wrapped up two shows at Bone Waterland  (Outdoor) Songkran Festival in Pattaya, Thailand and WAVE CLUB  in Taipei. 

In addition to the tour, Billboard Radio China & LOL International aim to give the spotlight to the upcoming and rising DJs within the continent as well. Showcases and educational sessions are expected for people in the industry in Asia.

WCT's past shows: 

Jan 4, Shenzhen,China ( M2 Club)

Jan 5, FoShan, China (M2 Club)

Jan 12, WUXI, China (H.G.C Club)

April 17, Pattaya, Thailand (Bone Waterland Festival) 

April 19, Taipei (Wave Club) 

WCT Upcoming Show:
May 2: Zhuhai, China (M2 Club)