While Latin-pop music has become a familiar genre in mainstream music and the K-pop scene today, it was rather foreign in Korea just two years ago. While most K-pop acts were toying with diverse genres like EDM, trap and house music, arguably it was SF9’s 2017 release “O Sole Mio” that made the biggest impact on the scene with a new genre. The lead single off their The Knight of the Sun EP, the nine-member boy band’s incorporation of Latin sounds and rhythms succeeded similarly to the likes of KARD’s embrace of tropical house in differentiating themselves with a globally focused sound, gaining additional international interest and bringing a different music culture in the K-pop scene.

SF9 first made their debut with the single “Fanfare” in 2016 where the group has experimented with everything from EDM to hip-hop, in tracks that portray both the band’s rebellious masculinity and as well as their boyish innocence. Two and a half years later, SF9 is more confident and more aware than ever after making their comeback with their Narcissus EP. Here are 16 things you should know about SF9.

“SF9 Interview”