The official YouTube channel for Capcom released the promotional video for the new Devil May Cry 5 video game, featuring some exciting first looks from the upcoming action shooter in collaboration with Japanese rocker HYDE’s performance of “MAD QUALIA,” the image song for the game. 


The video teases scenes from the latest installment of the popular Devil May Cry series, including some kick-ass “stylish action” sequences by the game’s primary protagonist Dante, as well as the demon hunter Nero and a mysterious new character called V. The game segments also reveal the various demons that close in on the hunters, who unleash their superpowers and manipulate weapons to destroy the otherworldly creatures.


These demons are also projected onto HYDE’s face as he performs “MAD QUALIA” in the music video segments juxtaposed with the visuals from the game. The L’Arc-en-Ciel frontman rocks out amid ruins with red lipstick smeared across his face, channeling Dante with his long leather coat and silver locks. The dilapidated set was designed based on the imageries of “street,” “goth,” and “alleys,” three key elements featured in the visual-kei artist’s solo endeavors resumed last year.


The spray-painted graffiti is by the Japanese graffiti artist YOICHIRO, who has contributed to the veteran musician’s visuals since “Who’s Gonna Save Us,” released in June 2018 as his first solo single in 12 years. 


HYDE’s “MAD QUALIA” will drop Mar. 20. Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 is set for release Mar. 8. 


Devil May Cry 5 - HYDE Collaboration Trailer (Long version)


Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo