Born and raised in the UK, Harrison has accomplished a lot within the music industry as a raw, talented vocalist and DJ still only in his early 20s. With an impressive live show that combines these talents and which Harrison has taken across Europe, Asia, North America and Africa, his talented songwriting and individualistic voice have led to support from the biggest names in dance including Tiësto, Avicii, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Radio 1’s Danny Howard and beyond…

Harrison was able to appeal to the best of the best with his distinct, catchy lyrics and one-of-a-kind voice which, after early collaborations with the likes of David Guetta, also enticed the #1 DJ Mag Top 100 DJat the time, Hardwell. Joining forces for the controversial track ‘Sally’, the unique stance of risqué lyrics paired with main stage dominating production became one of the most played and most spoken-of tracks on Hardwell’s album ‘United We Are’, also reaching #1 status in the Netherlands. 

Cranking things up another gear, Harrison went on to release a slew of tracks with Laidback Luke on his first artist album in 13 years (‘Never Rave Again’), EDM-pop powerhouse Steve Aoki(‘Holding Up The World’), Dannic & Lucky Date(‘Mayday’), also continuing his collaborative streak with Thomas Gold(‘Take Me Home’) and VINAI(‘Sit Down’), spanning the emotive to the party-starting – yet 2018is his year to step out of the shadows and shine of his own accord.

After wrecking havoc with his gritty vocals featuring on Hardwell’s latest single‘Earthquake’, UK born talented DJ and vocalist Harrison, continues to tear down typical conventions in his latest eclectic release ‘Been a Long Time’ from his own imprint Outlaw Records.  

Challenging typical conventions through hissoundcombined with his artistic flair, on‘Been a Long Time’ Harrison maps out flared synths, ambient vibesand an explosion of melody, making it the perfect addition to any mainstream set. Adhering to hisstructured vision, Harrison has been propelled into a world of establishing a fresh new music personathat has captured the attention of major artists on a global scale.

And we are happy to have an exclusive Q&A with Harrison:


Q: Can you share with us your most memorable experience accomplishing so much like getting support from big DJs – David Guetta, enticing the #1DJ Mag Top 100 DJ, etc…?

Harrison: The biggest support I've ever had from DJ Mag top 100 DJ was from Hardwell we've been friends since 2015 and getting support from him, watching him play our  songs at Tomorrowland and ULTRA Miami is an amazing feeling because people started recognizing the words to the songs I wrote - and I guess that's possible because of people like him.

Q: Who (specifically) has inspired you to become a successful DJ?

Harrison: In 2013 on my 19th birthday DJ Chuckie took me to Amsterdam and I got to see him perform at a Dirty Dutch concert. I looked up at him onstage and I was like “Wow! I have never seen anything like this!” - that was the moment I was inspired to become a DJ.

Q: Who are your biggest influences?

Harrison: Eminem!

Q: Can you share with us more on your latest electric release ’Been a Long Time”?

Harrison: ‘Been A Long Time’ was about a past relationship I've had, I wasn't a very good person and she didn't deserve to be treated like that, so in a way the track is my apology.

Q: Your songs are so massive worldwide, do you feel the pressure of keeping to release massive hits after previous successes?

Harrison: Everyday, I always feel like I need to top it, I always feel like I need to do better and sometimes when I don't come up with anything for a couple of months, I get depressed. Some things in the industry have sent me into a massive downward spiral for the last two years because even though I was on songs with 10/ 15 million plays, every time people told me my music wasn't good enough. So, I started my own label and it's really going well, probably the best thing I ever did as I get to release what I want, when I want, and also help other upcoming artists break through aswell.

Q: How do you find inspiration/ innovation when doing music?

Harrison: I used to write songs everyday, however now I try to put it into one week in the studio a month. There's so much more to being an artist and just writing songs, I will never have a ghost producer and I will always create my own stuff but I'm not exactly on the same level as someone like Armin Van Buren or DJ snake, so when I think about all the things that I have to do - direct music videos, manage social media content and so on, it can get overwhelming. I haven't exactly had the best management in the last couple of years so everything you see that I do comes from me and no one else.

Q: What elements do your songs have that you think appeals to both your fans and other DJs?

Harrison: Probably my voice! I'm lucky in the fact that I can write songs sometimes for the crowd, like ‘Aint A Party’ or ‘The Wave’ but I’m also capable of writing things like ‘Once Upon A Time’, and ‘Blinding My Vision’ that are more emotional and influenced by Pop.

Q: Working and collaborating with different talents, how do you find the perfect one collab to match your songs?

Harrison: Sometimes you try to do a collaboration with someone and it doesn't work and sometimes you strike gold - it's all about mix and matching.

Q: Which song has been your favourite collaboration so far?

Harrison: My song ‘Never Rave Again’ with Laidback Luke, because we were in the studio together and you never normally get to go to the studio with a top DJ, a lot of times things are done over the internet but I think it is important to have chemistry.

Q: What would be your dream collaboration throughout the year?

Harrison: Calvin Harris!

Q: What’s your dream stage? Which country are you looking forward to perform?

Harrison: Tomorrowland!

Q: Finally, what are your plans for the rest of the year?  

Harrison: Releases much new music on my label, Outlaw, as much as possible

Q: So What’s Next for Harrison? What can fans expect from DJ Harrison? 

Harrison: I have a track on Hardwell’s Gemstone label coming soon!