China Calling First Episode

Welcome to the first episode of China Calling!

Your host, Vlatka, will take you to the deepest, and most exciting, recesses of the Chinese underground scene… So take a deep breath!

You’ll discover one of the hottest independent bands around right now: Nova Heart. With the release of their debut album it’s easy to see why its pulsating pace has seen it hailed as China’s best new revelation.

You’ll also get to hear monumental tracks from Rebuilding the Rights of Statues. A Beijing based band that has toured, and taken, Europe and the States by storm.

Then there’s Chui Wan; a psychedelic rock band signed by Maybe Mars whose mesmerizing music can best be described as out-of-this-world.

But if it’s something more down to earth that you’re looking for – watch out for Birdstriking. Having just hit a UK tour head on, we’ll check out their story… and the impact that they’re having on the world scene.

Yes, we’ve got China’s alternative number… and so much more! So what are you waiting for?

Make that call!

This show was first aired on 19th January 2015 on The Alternative Channel on GFM.FM

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