Episode #15

On this Episode of China Calling - find out all about SOTX (Sound of the Xity), the professional music industry expo and festival organizer of China. 

Your host Vlatka got on the 24 hour train ride from Hong Kong to Beijing to bring you news and music from Sound of the Xity, the biggest event to promote music business opportunities between China and the world.

2015 SOTX Fest brought 88 groups of artists worldwide, raging from reggae, rock, world music, electronic, etc. From 28th of April until the 3rd of May, the music conferences, gigs and showcases brought attendants from 21 countries and 6 continents. Vlatka caught up with many European Music Festival promoters who were in the capital looking for new talent for their event and on today's episode you can hear the interview with Steve Symons, the UK Glastonbury Music Festival booker. Those stories and more alternative music from the mainland, only on China Calling. 


Hear about a new band from Kunming called South Acid Mimi Dance Team and new songs by The Big WaveNova HeartJunglemico Project and a brand new Beijing's Maybe Mars Record Label signing, Run Run Run


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