Jonas Blue Releases Debut Album ‘Blue’, Talks Rise of Multi-culture in Music: The Interview


With four No.1 hits and seven Top 10 hits on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, Jonas Blue, the Essex-born DJ, producer and songwriter has been enjoying recognition around the world and finds himself in China the second time this year, greeting fans with performances from his first studio album “Blue” on EDC China Guangdong. Billboard Radio China DJ Chloe sat down with the Jonas Blue during EDC China at Zhuhai and talked about his new album, rise of multicultural elements and his 2019 plans. 

Although having many of his productions topping charts around the world, Jonas Blue has just recently released his first full-length studio album Blue in November this year. “ The concept of Blue is to transport its listeners to a different world with music.” explained Jonas, “And I chose to release a full length album because it enables me to experiment with many different production styles, not just a single sound, and take listeners on a journey.”

The album also features collaborations with amazing vocals such as Liam Payne, Jack & Jack, Lennon Stella. Talking about the production of “Rise”, Jonas explained that the concept was inspired by overhearing one of the Jack & Jack’s interviews on radio. “They talked about how millennials are rising and chasing their dreams against headwinds and immediately some ideas come to my mind.” said Jonas. He also shared his experience working with Liam Payne and Lennon Stella on the song “Polaroid”: “Liam is super hard working and Lennon is also amazing. I always lean towards very soulful vocals with a lot of character like such.”

Talking about multicultural elements in the music industry, Jonas believes that the rise has just begun. From releasing “Perfect Strangers” back in 2016 to the more recent “Wild”, Jonas Blue is one of the pioneers in incorporating multicultural elements in his production. 

“It’s great to see Latino music coming to the mainstream but at the same time there are re also a lot more styles to explore.” expressed Jonas, “African music, Indian music, Chinese music… These different elements will definitely also start to come through more.” Jonas is also looking forward to potential collabs with Chinese artists, “My music is very global. I’m from the UK but my music travels as far as here. I grew up with all different genres of music and I want to include that in my production as well.”

In terms of 2019 plans, Jonas will take some time off to go back to where he started and work on some underground club songs, targeting release at the start of the year. He is also looking forward to 2 massive collaborations with some other DJs, more singles and Asia tours to come. 

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