Lost Frequencies Talks Touring in China, influenced by Afrojack, Avicii: Interview

After the release of his hit single “Are You With Me” in 2014, the 24-year-old Belgian DJ, Lost Frequencies, has attracted a growing fanbase worldwide, and that includes China. It was a long waited tour, but he eventually brought his music to his fans around China recently. In September, he played in the city of Chengdu for the first time and shared that experience with Billboard Radio China at backstage of Space club Chengdu.

It's his first time in Chengdu, being a lover of foreign culture, he took the time to find out what the city have to offer. Once in Chengdu, you can’t miss seeing the Panda and having the famous spicy Hot Pot. He enjoyed both, but said that the Hot Pot that he had was not the spiciest, and that he would like to try the real deal next time he has the chance. 

He explained that the name, Lost Frequencies, comes from him “making remixes of old tracks, and those old tracks would be the ‘lost frequencies’” that he took back. Tough he is nostalgic about the throwbacks, he doesn’t shy always from exploring new combination of musical styles in his production. 

In his recent collaboration with the L.A. duo, The NGHBRS, they were able to wove Pop, EDM and Reggaeton sounds together into his new single, “Like I Love You”. He paired the track with a music video that is a compilation of his summer 2018 European tour footages, full of summer vibes. The video was released on September 14, now reaching 3 millions views on Youtube.

We asked who he would like to collaborate with next. “I would love to do a track with MØ,” he said, “I really love her music, she has a really special voice and a special vibe.”

Being on tour for the past six months, he had taken the opportunity to try out some of the songs on his next album to the live crowd. He told us that there are two melodic house tracks that he is excited about: one is called “Before Tomorrow”, which is very well-received by the crowd on tour, and the other is sang in Spanish with latino guitars. He shared that the release is in months, however, the exact date isn’t set yet. “I don’t want to release my album too soon,” he says, “I want to wait and see how the new single is developing.”. He wants to take the time and test the singles live, get more feedback, so at the end the album release would get the attention that it deserves. That is good to hear. From what he has told us, we can tell you that it’s a meticulously designed project with focus on the electronic sound with interesting blend of melodies.

We wanted to know what do he thinks that makes you different from other DJs. He says that it’s his character and the way he communicates through music. “There is always something behind the track”, he says, it’s a feeling that he wants to share with people. Being a fan of electronic music, he says that he is influenced by Afrojack, Avicii and David Guetta from a young age. Now, on the way of becoming the next of the greats, he wants to bring other talented musicians along with his newly established label Found Frequencies, giving a platform to great artists that he has discovered.

Before the interview ended, we also asked him some flash questions: 

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Karaoke Song: Drake - Hotline Bling

Favorite Chinese Food: Hot Pot

Best Show that You Went to: Flume at Coachella

Check out the full interview with Lost Frequencies on Billboard Radio China FM.


Author: Zhuoyi Anthony Zhang