International superstar and Grammy-Award-winning producer Afrojack is set to launch  ‘Global Remix Battle I' powered by PMC Speakers, on September 24th as a global search to discover the most talented new producers. 

“I can’t wait to see who and what we discover from this search, this is the first time I’ve decided to look for new music producers through this remix contest and I know it’s going to be super exciting to see what comes in! ” Afrojack explained to Billboard Radio China. 

The global search will seek to uncover a new crop of music producers with the winner personally selected by Afrojack, a release on his label Wall Recordings and a possible signing with Wall Recordings/LDH Europe. (Afrojack is also CEO of LDH Europe, part of the globally recognized LDH management company originally founded in Japan). 

“For me, these are the guys that are day in, day out making it happen, being creative, and putting it all together. If I can help spotlight some new talent and give people a chance to start a career, that’s something I feel so blessed to do. Plus having awesome partners like PMC Speakers and LDH Europe only makes this so much better.  We’ve assembled the best of the best with this team, it’s going to be a very cool opportunity” says Afrojack. 

Speaking about his new EP ‘Press Day’ which includes 14 tracks of released and unreleased songs, Afrojack explained that “basically this EP is about club music, this is all the music I made from my live set since last year and a lot of collaboration with different artists. From 14 tracks, one of my favorite songs is ‘Own Game’ with Chasner”, a 21 years old producer from the Netherlands who recently signed to Afrojack’s label.  

Afrojack & Chasner - Own Game

Recently, Afrojack also led the line up for Ultra China Beijing, which made its debut in Beijing (September 15-16) traveling between Tokyo for Ultra Japan and Beijing for Ultra China within 48 hours. “The crowd in Beijing was very very high energy, was a lot of fun. I played at Beijing before, but I’ve never seen the crowd go this crazy. I really love Ultra,” he explained. 

Next up Afrojack will start his Bringin It Back Fall USA 12-city tour from October 4th to 27th starting in Las Vegas and ending in Atlantic City and his popular radio show Jacked Radio is exclusively available on Billboard Radio China FM 105.1 Chengdu.