As music sensation Lydia Lee thrills music fans with her incredible new release ‘Talking To Myself’, the Korean teenager today also confirmed she has been chosen to represent her country in the prestigious Super Nova competition at this year’s Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival on March 17 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Competing against the hottest rising talent from across South East Asia – China’s Self-Portrait, Singapore’s Alfred Sim, Yeh Bing Ham from Taiwan, Hitomi Kaji from Japan, Thailand’s Pannawach and Hong Kong’s Jocelyn Chan – Lydia will perform in front of a multi-million TV audience, with broadcasters from afar afield as Canada beaming the live telecast into households across the planet from 8pm local time.


For those who have been following Lydia’s career, her nomination should come as absolutely no surprise – and her new single will only underline why she is Korea’s national pick. ‘Talking To Myself’ is an absolute tour de force of both song writing and vocal prowess, a piece of pure, unadulterated, blissful pop. Lydia’s voice carries an effortless, almost unwitting sultriness, floating on the high notes, diving gracefully into the lower quarters, wrapping itself around the listener like an intoxicating dream.


The Korean teenager has been on a rollercoaster ride ever since her cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ exploded across the internet in 2015, culminating in a live performance on the Ellen TV show in front of an audience of millions. Returning home to finish school, January 2017 Lydia finally fulfilled on her early promise, releasing debut single ‘Blue’ to the huge delight of her growing army of fans around the world.


With ‘Talking To Myself’ and the HKAMF 2017, Lydia builds on her growing profile as one of the most exciting young pop artists to emerge from the highly competitive Korean music market – one whose voice and production sets her head and shoulders apart.