Japanese singer-songwriter Daichi Miura wrapped up his ONE END tour Wednesday (Mar. 13) at the Osaka-jo Hall. The concert was the last of five shows he added to the domestic hall tour continuing from last year, including two at the historic Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. 

One of the main features of this tour was the gigantic center stage visible from all sides of the venue, a first-time setup for the “Excite” dancer and singer. He kicked off the show with “Be Myself,” which won him an accolade at the Japan Record Awards in 2018, and immediately brought the crowd to its feet. Fans erupted in cheers when the screens surrounding the stage dropped dramatically during the song, as Miura shouted, “Welcomed to the ONE END tour!” while busting out his precision dance moves. 

The Okinawan artist added “FEVER,” a smooth dance number with sultry choreography, and the beautiful ballad “Fureaudakede - Always with you” to the main set for the additional shows. He also performed an emotional rendition of “Sekai” alone on stage with an acoustic guitar, highlighting his vocal prowess and skilled musicianship. 

The latter half of the concert featured Miura and his dancers constantly in motion performing the mesmerizing choreography for popular numbers such as “Cry & Fight,” “Hikosen,” and “Black Hole.” The crowd’s excitement reached fever pitch when the 31-year-old star delivered his latest hit “Blizzard,” the theme of the animated movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and he kept the positive vibes going with “music” and the uplifting “Darkest Before Dawn.”  

The tour title ONE END signified Miura’s desire to connect his end with those of his fans, and the joyous reaction from the crowd of 13,000 throughout the show demonstrated the power of music acting as the catalyst to bring everyone together as one. 

Daichi Miura’s 2018-2019 ONE END domestic hall tour landed in 29 locations throughout Japan for 39 performances including the five additional shows that kicked off in February. The tour was the biggest of the veteran solo artist’s career, drawing a total attendance of 126,000. 

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo