TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, announced today the launch of a global environmental-themed challenge #DifferentWorld in collaboration with popular DJ Alan Walker, to coincide with the recent release of his debut studio album Different World through Sony Music. 


The song Different World addresses climate change, with the lyrics and music video reflecting the current state of the environment, and driving home a message of hope for a different world if everyone works together to combat climate change. 


Alan Walker, along with singer Sofia Carson, and two other producers CORSAK and K-391, will be spearheading the #DifferentWorld campaign on TikTok by posting four videos, encouraging users to do their part for the environment with the hashtag #DifferentWorld. This runs till 17 January across 48 global markets including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Western Europe. On 23 January, TikTok will announce the 70 most creative videos and deliver a variety of gifts endorsed by Alan Walker, including signed posters, masks, tees and hoodies.


Allowing users to express their creative ideas through a range of diversified short form video content, TikTok has given rise to extremely interactive and wildly popular challenges and trending topics, becoming the perfect platform for Alan Walker to raise awareness around climate change. The #DifferentWorld challenge on TikTok gives the community an opportunity to participate in a meaningful movement in a fun and inspiring way.


In addition, TikTok has become a popular and preferred platform for global artists and musicians to promote their new songs and albums, and for music lovers to discover music and interact with celebrities. 


“I’m so excited to be introducing my new song with the launch of this #DifferentWorld challenge on TikTok, and I’m looking forward to seeing the creative videos that the TikTok community come up with. I want to use my voice to raise awareness on climate change and the environment where we live, and TikTok is a great partner to do so, as it has become a dynamic platform for expression. All together, we can create a different world,” said Alan Walker.


A multi-talented artist, DJ and producer, CORSAK draws inspiration from both ancient and modern culture from his homeland China, with his musical style and signature sound resulting in a unique hybrid of genre-bending melodies. “It has been an exciting experience for me as well to produce this song together with Alan, Sofia and K-391. I’m quite looking forward to creating more fun and inspiring moments with TikTok,” said CORSAK.