Lushington Entertainments is proud to announce Years & Years will perform live in Hong Kong on 3 March 2019 (Sunday) at KITEC Rotunda 3, in support of their second album ‘Palo Santo’. 


Tickets at HK$888 (All Standing) will be on sale on 23 November 2018 (Friday), 10 am via www.cityline.comand hotline +852 2111 5333.


Lushington mailing list subscribers will be able to purchase pre-sale tickets on 22 November 2018 (Thursday), 10am to 11:59pm. For membership sign up, please visit


Years & Years are Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkman. Formed in 2010 in London, the trio’s keyboard- and electronics-based sound first gained exposure when the single “Traps” was released in 2013. In 2015, the band released their debut full-length album Communion, featuring hit singles “King” and “Shine”. The well-received album debuted at number one in the U.K. With Communion, Years & Years made a palpable new tribal impact on pop.


In July 2018, Years & Years released their hugely-anticipated second album Palo Santo. The album is stuffed full of meaningful hits including “Sanctify” and “If You’re Over Me”, a transitional leap from the lay-lines of the homespun pop majesty of Communion toward something of the crystalline magic that ran once through the Jackson family fingertips. Throughout, Years & Years have crafted their own special landmarks that feel intuitively connected to great British pop classicism while standing bolt upright on a world stage next to Drake, The Weeknd and Rihanna. 


Palo Santo is a whole new universe created from the imagination of frontman Olly. ‘Where can I be my freest self, not tied to a gender or sexuality. I’ll just create my own world where those things don’t exist, where anybody can be any gender and sexuality that they like.’ In this thrilling parallel universe, light years from here and now, a utopia has been sketched out. It will be revealed across all the media surrounding Palo Santo, in videos, narratives online and off, finally climaxing in every sense of the word onstage in the all new Years & Years show. 

‘It came from loads of different ideas of what Years & Years is about and what I am about,’ Olly says. ‘I felt like creating that space and playing around in there would be a good thing to do. It has all my favourite things combined: sci-fi, spiritualism, performance and identity.’ 


Catch Years & Years perform their biggest hits and tracks off their new album Palo Santo live in Hong Kong this coming 3 March!