Japanese vocal and dance group GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE released the lyric video accompanying its new single “Shonen” (meaning “boy” in English) ahead of the upcoming CD release at the end of the month. 

The septet’s latest song is a heartfelt ballad depicting the emotions of an artist who has continued to pursue his dreams, pausing for a moment in his hectic life to look back on the boy that he used to be and encouraging him to believe in himself. 

The short-version lyric video mostly features the landscape of rural Japan and an old elementary school building, with handwritten lyrics conveying the gentle nostalgia of the song’s content. 

“Shonen” will be coupled with a song called “Kaiten” (meaning “rotation”), a love song with lyrics by Yuya Ishii, the award-winning Japanese filmmaker of such works as The Great Passage (2013) and The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue (2017).  

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE’s 17th single “Shonen” will drop Oct. 31. 

‘Shonen’Lyric Video


Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo