Tomorrowland’s Belgian DJ Yves V is retuning China for his fall tour from October 12. Before kicking off his first China show at Ningbo, Yves V shared his experience with Billboard Radio China about his tour in China,  latest single “Durga” with Mariana BO, and future plan. 


We know it isn’t you first time performing in China, how’s the experience and the impression so far about China? Did the fans here treat you well?


China is so amazing, unlike anywhere I have been before and the fans always treat me well, even in the cities like Zhengzhou and Changzhou where I’m playing this time, the fans  always come out and support – it is so cool to see how well big-room and electro are still being received in China.


Do you enjoy Chinese Food? Which one is your favorite? 

It is so, so good! Peking Duck is something that you guys are just the best at – oh and the dumplings you guys make are just crazy!


How would you define your DJ mixing style? 

When I’m playing live I like to show my personality and personal tastes, as well as the more “EDM” tracks that the fans wanna hear. So, I would say 1) eclectic 2)high-energy 3)fun


Can you share with us more on your recent single “Durga” which work Mariana BO? This tune is really cool, Can you tell us the story behind the song?

It was so much fun to work with Mariana on this and I really wanted it to combine my European sound with her Mexican heritage and influence. Very happy that KSHMR chose to release it on his label, too!


What’s next for Yves V? Any plans or future collaborations you can share with us? 

I have a very exciting collaboration coming with ALOK and Gavin James – fans and people on the internet have been asking me “when is it going to drop?!” after the track was in the official after-movie of Tomorrowland and the answer is: October 19th!