First up is Mexican Rock band Canibales with their epic new album 'Rocanrol'. 

Next up is Austrian Indie Pop from At Pavillon with their new single 'Stop This War' and last but by no means least is British band Zurich with their new single 'My Protocol'. All artists are having fantastic campaigns and it's not hard to see why.

If you like what you hear and plan on playing or featuring, then please do let me know. Thanks, Lynsey

CANIBALES - ROCANROL EP -The Grizzlar Records

Canibales are a 4 piece Rock n Roll powerhouse based in Guadalajara, Mexico. From Jalisco's capital city, they present the perfect mixture of heat, noise and inspiration in this 5 track Spanish language EP.

Anchored in the classics, Canibales works the ground broken by Motorhead, Motley Crue, Zeke and The Hellacopters to make Rock n Roll with a punk perspective.

Recorded beside a scrapyard in one of Edmonton, Alberta's many industrial zones, 'Rocanrol' delivers a refined sense of danger.
From his Negative Space Studio, producer Jed Gauthier ( Counterfeit Jeans) captured the sound of Rocanrol on tour: Loud, Live and in one take.

Mastered by Jesse Gander at Rain City Records in Vancouver, this EP is an international collaboration which starts at 11 and goes from there.