Daichi Miura’s greatest hits album BEST takes the No. 1 spot on Billboard Japan’s weekly Top Albums Sales chart dated Mar. 5 to 11, selling 67,816 copies in its first week after being released Mar. 7. The first collection of the J-pop singer and dancer’s popular hits sold 47,663 copies during the first three days and went on to sell over 20,000 more during the chart week, reflecting his recent surge in popularity.

At No. 2 this week is Ensemble Stars! Album Series Present Ryuseitai, a release linked to a popular smartphone boy band raising simulation game that sold 26,448 copies in its first week.

The Greatest Showman soundtrack, last week’s No. 1 album, drops to No. 3 but is still showing steady sales with 17,692 copies for this week, adding up to a total of 62,535 copies sold.

Namie Amuro’s greatest hits album Finally zoomed past the 2 million mark in February and doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon; it gained 7,298 copies this week and is currently at a grand total of 2,053,280 copies sold. It’s at No. 8 on this week’s Top Albums Sales chart and the focus now is on what the final figure will be for the last release by the iconic R&B songstress.

Hitmaker Kenshi Yonezu’s BOOTLEG is currently at No. 12 with 6,114 copies sold. That adds up to a total of 323,387 copies and counting for the release already hailed by some as the best album of 2018.


Billboard Japan Top Albums Sales Top 5 (dated Mar. 5 to 11)

1. BEST / Daichi Miura: 67,816 Copies

2. Ensemble Stars! Album Series Present -Ryuseitai- / Ryuseitai: 26,448 Copies

3. The Greatest Showman Original Soundtrack / Original Soundtrack: 17,692 Copies

4. Yumenokaika~Yume Ga Yume De Owaranaiyouni~/ Sungje from Choshinsei: 17,421 Copies

5. Rainbow / KEYTALK: 12,762 Copies