J-pop singer and dancer Daichi Miura released the music video for his new song “DIVE!” off his upcoming first greatest hits album BEST dropping Mar. 7.

The video is a relatively simple one that focuses on his incredible dance skills, but in keeping with the theme of greatest hits, the choreography and visuals highlight some iconic moves and scenes from his past releases. It’s basically a best-of video showcasing the “EXCITE” singer’s solo career so far.  

The opening sequence where the camera zooms in from the sky into a building is an homage to Michael Jackson’s video for “Black or White.” Miura first saw the video when he was still a young student in dance school and was struck by how Jackson could make the various dances from around the world look original. He says he still remembers thinking how he longed to become an original artist just like his idol.

Three versions of BEST will be released Mar. 7; all three will contain two CDs and two versions will come with either a DVD or Blu-ray Disc.