Japanese singer and actor Jin Akanishi announced that his label Go Good Records has formed a business alliance with the major label Universal Music. The 33-year-old solo artist will be releasing a new album Dec. 12 entitled Blessèd under the new joint endeavor.

    The former member of the Johnny’s boy band KAT-TUN who parted ways with the management in 2014 feels that Japanese artists, actors, and creators should be more business-minded about personal branding to expand the scope of their work and possibilities. He explains that he chose to do business with Universal through his own record label instead of joining the music giant as an artist because he “wanted to gain the kind of experience that is hard to see from an individual standpoint and continue to grow as a person.” Akanishi also says that he intends to continue reaching out to international audiences as well as his loyal fanbase in Japan.

    Blessèd contains ten tracks including “Fill Me Up” and “Yesterday” written by The Stereotypes, the production team responsible for numerous hits by artists including Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Iggy Azalea. Four versions of the album will be released - - two kinds of limited first editions with DVDs and a CD-only regular version, plus a fan club-exclusive package that comes with a VR goggle and a VR video code.

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo