As Chinese EDM lovers celebrate one of the region’s biggest annual EDM event “Jungle Electronic Music Festival”, the Billboard Radio China crew sat down with Yellow CLaw for some download on the Dutch DJ duo’s upcoming plans.
Yellow Claw has marked their footprint across Asia in 2017 - Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, China… The culture and food bring inspirations to both their music and fashion line The Barong Family. Talking about their recent single “Both of Us” and working with the singer songwriter STORi, Yellow Claw explained that “the chemistry was amazing… We made around 20 songs together!”.
Though just released their second studio album Los Amsterdam earlier this year and celebrated the 2-year anniversary of their first studio album Blood for Mercy, Yellow Claw shows no sign of slowing down as they are now working on a third album targeting release in early 2018. The album will feature collaborations with Russian, American and Dutch artists, and will showcase a wide spectrum of differentiation and variation. “We have travelled increasingly more and met so many new interesting people,” expressed Yellow Claw, “this album will show a level of differentiation and variation more than ever, a true Globalization.”
Yellow Claw is definitely on the rise with much more to come in 2018 including the new album, more worldwide tours and shows etc.