He’s sexy and he knows it! We caught up with the party rock master planner at Dragonland Music Festival recently for another edition of The Big Interview! It’s Redfoo in the hot seat this time with stories about going from playing tennis in Sweden to making music with the Black Eyed Peas to getting everyone shuffling around the planet. You remember him from LMFAO, who’s classics included “I’m in Miami”, “Shots”, and “Party Rock Anthem”, and you might know he was at the helm of more recent release “New Thang”, but did you know that in the past few years Redfoo has been a judge on The X Factor Australia, a competitor on Dancing With The Stars, and even has his own clothing line?


We got a chance to find out about the early years of LMFAO and how he got onto the first Black Eyed Peas album, how he designs and creates his own image and clothing, and even on how his music can help bring the world together. We’ve got his latest release “Brand New Day” lined up for you, which he premiered at Dragonland for the first time ever. If there’s one thing that’s clear when Redfoo’s around, it’s that Party Rock is definitely in the building.

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