Best known for their hit singles “Runaway (U & I)”, “Peanut Butter Jelly” and “No Money”, Swedish EDM duo ‘Galantis’ (Linus Eklow and Christian Karlsson) sat down with Billboard Radio China to talk about creative “freedom”, how performing live is “like a drug” and why “they love Asia”. 

The duo explained how “as dance music completely opened up…it was perfect timing for Galantis to do what we want and we have complete freedom”. They had been “working different genres before and also writing and producing for other artists but there is always some type of being put in a box”. 

Performing live is “like a drug. It’s a direct line of communication between us and the crowd…we notice what they like…what they want to sing back…. we need to listen to them”. Managing energy is important… it’s an on and off thing that just happens…it’s like a switch…a minute or two before the show…if you turn on that switch too early you are gonna be overwhelmed when you get on stage”.

And to their many fans in Asia: “we love Asia…we are just enjoying ourselves and trying to do as much as possible…it’s amazing how much (EDM) has been booming here lately…(we) had no idea it was going to be this big. It’s an amazing journey”

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