As Valentine's Day comes upon us for another year, we decided to do something special. It's a busy time of year as everyone deals with one of the stages of relationships, from falling in love with someone to getting over it all. Join Billboard Radio China host Doomkitty and special guest Lundon for an exploration of the different steps of relationships, from the early days to breakups and moving on. We explore the guys' choices for songs during each step of the relationship and even talk a little about their own relationships. 


If you're just getting to know someone, getting comfortable with someone, getting over someone, or even just getting yourself back on track, we've got a little bit of everything ready for you. From nostalgia to some of the biggest pop hits of the last few years, we've got something for you. And if you're not dating? We've even got something fun lined up at the end for everyone. Come dive into something fun and special with Doomkitty and Lundon!


Our full relationship playlist can be found on Spotify.