On this episode of 10 Questions, we got a chance to get on the line with nano, an American born Japanese musician that has taken Japan by storm with both English and Japanese songs. With a career that started by posting music on YouTube and Niconico, nano became well known for the English lyrics she wrote for the songs she covered. Ultimately, she was signed to a major Japanese label Flying Dogs, and started her career.

nano has recorded several original theme songs for different anime series and games, and she said it was the beginning of her love affair with J-Pop, realising how the anime series are tied up to the music, forming an unique part of the Japanese culture that can never be found elsewhere on the planet.

Her latest album, "The Crossing,” celebrates her 5th anniversary in the industry, and it has a rather different sound when compared to her previous album. She said the past albums were mainly collections of the songs that she did for anime series or games, but this time she wanted the album to tell more about who she is, and at the same time adding new sounds to the pieces she wrote. This album is created not solely for the Japanese audiences she said, but also for spreading her music to the world. "The Crossing" definitely contains a lot of rock elements, but nano also added a few elements of surprises that open up her possibilities for future music development.

nano didn't reveal her gender or her face when she started her career, as she didn't want visuals and stereotyping to affect people's opinion towards her music. But now she has achieved success with her music, she’s decided to come out and let people find out more about her. We talked about her experiences in the music industry as both a genderless singer and as a woman playing rock music.

If you want to know more about nano, understand her sounds and, of course, rock out, make sure you check out the full interview!