We were honored to interview Celine Dion after her powerful, tear-jerking performance at the Billboard Music Awards on May 22nd at Las Vegas!

The song of choice was Queen’s “The Show Must Go On.” Dion was accompanied by famous violinist Lindsay Stirling and backed on the T-Mobile Arena stage by a majestic orchestra.  Just as Queen used the song to ease its pain, Dion paid tribute to her late husband and manager, and left the Las Vegas audience dazzled.

But that wasn’t all. In accepting the Icon Award, Dion was surprised by her own son who came out to help present the honor. The singer was overcome, bursting into tears. Billboard Icon Award was established in 2011 to recognize the music singers that did great contribution to the industry. Famous singers like Prince and Jennifer Lopez had received the award in the history.

Canadian singer Celine Dion is well-known for her world-conquering voice in the song My Heart Will Go On for movie Titanic, and also in other famous pieces like The Power of Love and All By Myself. DJ Benson from Billboard Radio China reported the singer’s mood and her ambitions after the show.

Also, the world-famous singer told Billboard Radio China that she’d like to come to China someday. That’s a great news for Chinese fans!

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Interview by DJ Benson; Edit by Julianna Wu