Billboard Radio China presented a total of 8 awards for 2016 at Billboard Radio Live held in conjunction with TGEC. 

JW (SunnyIdea) brought home "2016 Artist of the Year, Hong Kong", and "Cantonese Top 10 Song of the year" for her hit single "Life full of contradictions", which was ranked number 1 for 8 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Radio Cantonese Top 10 Songs. "This is crazy , I’m so happy too win two awards from Billboard Radio China!" said JW as she thanked Mr. Gregory Bowers, CEO of Billboard Radio China. JW covered the song "Versace on the Floor" with her friend Fat King, and also performed her 3 hit singles: 自由飞翔, 多少年, 矛盾一生. The night was made extra special when the large crowd sang along loudly to her music.

The 5-day event, Billboard Radio China's first Billboard Radio Live invited in total 5 artists who each performed to a live audience on the Billboard Radio China Stage at the Great European Carnival , attracting over 32,000 audience.


Billboard Radio China's CEO Mr. Gregory Bowers expressed the company's delight in  "celebrating our first Billboard Radio Live with such  talented artists".

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